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With slopes extending from Hauser Kaibling, above Haus, to Planai, Hochwurzen and Reiteralm, the amount of skiing on offer is nearly bewildering, although each mountain feels rather too much like its neighbor.
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The totally landlocked country of Austria in central Europe has a number of rules or standards when it comes to its etiquette and social customs. It is always to be aware of these often unwritten quirks when visiting the country as being aware of any countries local customs and business negotiation practices can avoid any unnecessary embarrassing situations.
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The history and modern attractions of the city of Vienna, Austria are discussed.
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The Grossglockner is the highest mountain in Austria and can be considered as “a must see” if you travel to Tyrol or Carinthia. You can view this mountain in as well Tyrol as Carinthia and is with its height of 3798 meters (12461 feet) the highest mountain of the Glockner group in the Hohe Tauern Range and even entire Austria.
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Salzburg is one of these places in Austria which you surely have to visit if you travel in this beautiful country of Europe. It is located in western Austria in a charming landscape between the Kapuzinerberg and Mönschberg and lies on the Salzach River. Salzburg is surrounded through the Lake districts and also popular for many scenes of the popular musical movie “The Sound of Music”.
Published by Erik Van Tongerloo 93 months ago in Austria | +17 votes | 18 comments